Why should I purchase an Al Hussaini Trading Establishment product?

AllAl Hussaini Trading Establishment are renowned in the market for their highquality and durability. Because we deliver what we promise, our products aresold with warranties thatgive you the peace of mind you expect and deserve when making such an importantpurchase.

What makes Al Hussaini Trading Establishment solutions a quality product?

AlHussaini Trading Establishment follows strict quality, safety, health andenvironmental standards across all stages of polyethylene and fiberglassproduction. Our standards match those set by the best international leaders andour ongoing research and development ensure our products and solutions functionthe way they should, often exceeding their standard performance capabilities.Read more about our standards here

Do you provide guarantees on your products?

Yes,we do! Warranty durations vary based on the product. Read more about them here

Are Al Hussaini Trading Establishment products manufactured in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

Yes, all AlHussaini Trading Establishment are manufactured in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in accordance with the latest international standards.

How customizable are your custom products?

At Al-Hussaini Trading Establishment, we give our customers the chance to dream up the polyethylene and fiberglass solutions that answer to their needs and we carry out the necessary design and production needed to bring their ideas to life. Take a look at some of the customized polyethylene and fiberglass solutions created by Al-Hussaini Trading Establishment.

What are Al Hussaini Trading Establishment products made from?

Al-Hussaini Trading Establishment products are made of fiberglass and polyethylene that are manufactured in accordance with the world’s most advanced specifications. Read more about the materials we use, our quality and standards,and our certificates.You can also see a comparison between fiberglass and polyethylene here


What liquids can I store in a commercial / industrial tank?

AlHussaini Trading Establishment has succeeded in designing and executingcreative polyethylene and fiberglass products that achieve the neededfunctionalities and provide the hassle-free solutions needed for commercial andindustrial requirements and purposes. The most common uses of our fiberglassand polyethylene solutions are for water storage, but there is a wide varietyof other liquids that can be well-preserved in our tanks. Contactus to know more about them.

What are the differences between polyethylene and fiberglass?

Seea comparison between the characteristics of fiberglass and polyethylene here

Where are Al Hussaini Trading Establishment showrooms?

Please see the contact us page to know where our showrooms are located.

How do I choose the best water tank for my needs?

Choosing the right water tank that specifically answers to your needs can be tricky. Click here to know how to choose your water tank.

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