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Al Hussaini Trading Establishment is specialized in manufacturing and marketing polyethylene and fiberglass product solutions for truly extensive and diverse uses and functionalities. Know more about the materials we use and how their characteristics make them an easy and evident choice, especially when you customize them to your specific requirements and needs.


 Polyethylene products are manufactured from materials that are derived from natural gas. The general characteristics of polyethylene include:

- Lightweight

- Temperature resistance

- Excellent process ability

- High-impact strength

- Excellent chemical resistance

- Excellent weather ability

- Soft and strong (depending on density)

- Taste free

- Odor free

- Toxic free (applicable to food contact applications)

- Excellent heat seal ability

- Good heat stability

- Low permeability of water

- Excellent low temperature properties



Fiberglass is a fiber reinforced polymer made of a plastic matrix reinforced by fine fibers of glass. The general characteristics of fiberglass include:

- Lightweight

- Extremely strong

- Robust

- Chemical resistance

- Mechanical resistance

- Low maintenance

- Electrical insulation

- Non-magnetic





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