Fiberglass vs. Polyethylene

Here is a basic comparison between the main characteristic and properties of polyethylene and fiberglass:

  Fiberglass Polyethylene
Price More cost Less cost
Warranty  10 years 10 years
Durability  Excellent Average
Appearance  Same Same
Temperature endurance  Can endure up to 75 °C Can endure up to 60 °C
Expected usage time in years 20 years (10 years out of warranty) 15 years (5 years out of warranty)
Ease of maintenance Easy  Easy 
Size of tanks (from – to) 750 liters – 150000 liters  400 liters – 12000 liters
Possibility of making custom products Easy  Average 
Manufactured and approved by
ISO 9001 Fiberglass Factory

Saudi Polycon (Al-Hussaini and Gulf Polycon) FDA approved

Main Features 
  • Lightweight

  • Extremely strong

  • Robust 

  • Chemical resistance 

  • Low maintenance 

  • Electrical insulation

  • Non-magnetic

  • Long lasting

  • Fungi protection

  • Reduce heat

  • Clean and healthy

  • Clean and healthy

  • Complete thermal insulation

  • Pressure resistance



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