Our Standards

Al Hussaini Trading Establishment implements meticulous quality control standards across all stages of production. From planning to production to inspection of final products, we ensure that every step of our many processes functions seamlessly, thus enabling us to provide our customers with top-of-the-line polyethylene and fiberglass solutions that live up to our reputation in the market.

The stages of our quality control procedures start with the raw materials we bring in. These materials are rigorously inspected to ensure they meet the requirements needed to withstand the production phases. More inspection and tests are also run during the different stages of design and production, thus allowing us to maintain the levels of quality that we promise. The final products are additionally tested and inspected prior to delivery as they undergo several quality check processes to make sure their functionality and durability are up to par.

Al Hussaini Trading Establishment also holds high standards of inspection and testing to the equipment used in manufacturing our products. We ensure that our strict quality standards are met and maintained by periodically testing, examining and maintaining our machinery and tools.

Moreover, our team constantly sees to the improvement of our quality standards by running thorough research and analyses on international conformance and inspection measurements. By implementing the latest global standards of quality assurance, Al Hussaini Trading Establishment ensures the delivery of a quality product every single time.

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