Pertainingto our strict standards of quality, Al Hussaini Trading Establishment offers warrantiesof varying durations on the fiberglass and polyethylene products we provide. Withthese guarantees, you can assure the longevity, durability and functionality ofyour polyethylene and fiberglass solutions

Termsand conditions

  • 1. Incorrectinstallation, handling and usage of Al Hussaini Trading Establishment productsother than in accordance with the instructions provided by Al Hussaini TradingEstablishment at the time of purchase will prevent a purchaser from making anyclaim under this warranty.
  • 2. Al HussainiTrading Establishment may require the removal of the contents of any polyethyleneand fiberglass products to allow inspection and/or repair or replacement. Thecost of the removal and storage of contents (if necessary) will be borne by thepurchaser.
  • 3. Al HussainiTrading Establishment will be responsible for any transportation costs thatapply to any replacement or repaired tank that is returned to the purchaser.The purchaser is responsible for all other costs arising out of a warrantyclaim, including transport costs to Al Hussaini Trading Establishment,installation, handling and storage of product contents and the disposal of anyreplaced products (if applicable).
  • 4. If requested byAl Hussaini Trading Establishment, products installed in remote and/orinaccessible locations may need to be returned to Al Hussaini TradingEstablishment premises or other location as required by Al Hussaini TradingEstablishment at the purchaser's expense to enable inspection and/or repair.
  • 5. To the extentpermitted by law, Al Hussaini Trading Establishment's liability is limited tothese warranty terms and conditions.

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